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Bitcoin Nova

Bitcoin Nova is a new cryptocurrency designed to function as a Peer-to-Peer payment system focused on solving the energy problem associated with the Bitcoin platform, it works as a decentralized platform that handles the same concept posed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 but under a Long-term sustainable operation, a real Bitcoin.

It works under the CryptoNote protocol, a low energy consumption system that allows 100% anonymous transactions between pairs of terminals.

It is a distributed accounting system that guarantees the validity of transactions, preventing them from being altered by any external factor.

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Ultranote + Bitcoin Nova

ltraNote is much more than a Privacycoin, it is a lifestyle facilitator and a growing value storage solution. UltraNote ecosystem has been developed on top of the cutting edge CryptoNote blockchain technology; distinctively for unchallenged confidential transactions. As a true privacy platform using peer to peer encryption; what you do on UltraNote will always be your personal affairs. It is completely confidential, anonymous and untraceable.

Además del uso privado, UltraNote es además un socio comercial estratégico tanto para empresas nuevas como maduras para acelerar el crecimiento al ofrecer soluciones comerciales que ahorran tiempo y recursos financieros.

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Qwertycoin is a secure and anonymous global payment network, built with a focus on democracy and privacy.

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Zent Cash

Zent Cash is a global network of decentralized payments, open source, fast, anonymous and transparent.

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